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Our all-terrain amphibious vehicles have been used by countless government agencies, and search and rescue professionals to reach remote areas in the worst of weather conditions. Designed for rugged dependability, Fat Trucks can tackle 35-degree inclines, rivers, mud, snow, and any off-road barrier. Whether you need to safely transport people or needed medical supplies, you can rely on Fat Truck to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


The engineers at Zeal Motor have designed a Fat Truck purpose-built for Firefighting.
This package is designed to fit perfectly in the back portion of the Fat truck ® . Access difficult terrain areas with everything you need to battle wilderness wildfires.

Package includes:

  • 100′ of firehose
  • 14HP Kohler industrial water pump
  • 125-gallon water tank
  • 5 Gallon foam tank


  • Emergency Lighting and Siren
  • Overhead spot lights
  • All emergency lighting uses LEDs to reduce electrical load
  • Mission specific accessories upon request


The fully amphibious Fat truck ® is the premier choice for emergency response. Capable of transporting up to 8 passengers in a climate-controlled vehicle that can handle just about any terrain conditions, including water. The Fat Truck succeeds where alternative wheeled or tracked vehicles fail.

Factory solution

Firefighting kit

Ambulance Pod

Ambulance Pod

Ambulance Pod


Firefighting unit

Firefighting unit

Spot fires

Stretcher capable

Rescue Stretcher

All terrain