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The Fat truck ® is designed with harsh environments in mind. Access swamps, marshes and extreme terrain with ease. The ground clearance on the fat truck is second to none thanks to the five-foot inflatable tires leaving as much undisturbed terrain as possible. This also means that the exhaust system is significantly higher than any other all-terrain vehicle- minimizing the potential for heat transfer to nearby plants and grasslands.


The Fat truck ® helpS facilitate effective, efficient and environmentally responsible Phragmites control. RufDiamond LTD. is proud to support the responsible solutions for managing Canada’s worst invasive plant.


This kit is designed to fit perfectly in the back portion of the Fat Truck. The kit includes:

  • 14HP Kohler industrial water pump
  • 125 gallon water tank
  • 5 Gallon foam tank
  • 100 feet of hose

Factory solution

Vegetation Management

Spraying Phragmites

Spraying Unit

Safe plaftorm

Collapsible platform

Spraying unit

Easy access platform

Fully Amphibious

Easy access to platform

Off-Road access

Huge coverage area

Elevated spray

Safe spray area

Safely spray

Swamp access

Elevated spray platform

Elevated spray platform