Exact Mix

Precise mix and volume every time. You decide how much you require for your project. Start, Stop and Start again at the touch of a button. ALL MIXES ARE RECORED/PRINTED AND SENT TO A SUPERVISOR. WE CALL THAT ACCOUNTABILITY!

Zero Risk of Emergency Offloads

Nothing is mixed until you decide when and where you want to pour. NO MORE LOADS THAT FAIL CONFORMITY STANDARDS. NO NEED TO WASHOUT TRANSMIXERS/REMIXERS & AGITATORS

No more waiting for a ready mix truck

Take control of your mining/TUNNELING projects and never be at the mercy of waiting for a ready mix truck. Added bonus, you can also reduce or eliminate your Transmixers (remixers/agitators)


Safer and Healthier working conditions. Wet shotcrete drastically reduces the amount of dust particulate in the air.

Go DeepER

Deliver 1000 kg totes in their water resistant bags as deep into your mine as you require. You can mix fresh, strong and high quality shotcrete as needed where needed.

Less Rebound

Any shotcrete operator will tell you that wet shotcrete has far less rebound than dry.