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The Fat truck ® allows geoscientists with their much-needed equipment and instruments to access previously inaccessible terrain to conduct enhanced exploration. Fat Trucks have a proven track record in getting crews in and out of challenging areas to allow these same crews to conduct structural mapping and remote sensing interpretations, integration of geoscience datasets for target generation, as well as seismic reflection interpretation. ​

The Fat truck ® is built to the highest safety and comfort standards. Join the growing number of mining exploration teams that have entrusted the Fat truck ® to be their “office” in some of Canada’s most inhospitable terrain and environmental conditions.

Pick Up with Rear ROPS

Pick Up with Rear ROPS

Low ground pressure

Core sample carrier

Extreme cold testing

Spacious interior

Pick Up with Rear ROPS

Warm and Dry

Pick Up with Rear ROPS

Tailgate and storage box


360 LED strobe lighting

Side mirrors with guards

Pick Up with Rear ROPS

Front winch with guards

Front light package

Spacious work and equipment area

Large front windscreen

Lockable dry storage box

Lockable dry storage box

Ideal location for remote office

Full light package

Clear visibility windscreen

Amphibious Trailer

Built for work

Pick Up with Rear ROPS

Pick Up with Rear ROPS

Warm inside

Amphibious Trailer Spacious

Specially designed studs for the Fat Truck



Core Samples