No Two Missions Are the Same
RufDiamond is flexible, nimble, and agile. Whether you’re operating in hostile environments or carrying a unique piece of mission-specific equipment to complete a job, we’re here to assist with customization.

  • Ready for the challenge

    Our team can design and engineer, and manufacture products to help you solve industry challenges, get in touch with your unique problem that you need a solution to.

  • We Got It

    Extreme arctic environment, extreme jungle, extreme heat, extreme dust, extreme sensitive ground — we got it. At RufDiamond we welcome the challenge to work with you to achieve mission success.

Coach Bumper Bus Upgrade

A recent upgrade that we made for one of our client’s is a coach bumper, also known as moose bumper, that isn’t an eyesore.

A sleek design that provides frontal armour to your high-value asset. Amazing protection that doesn’t compromise the looks of your coach or obstruct the driver’s vision in any way.

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