Mobile Batch Plant
Concrete or Shotcrete

Meets and exceeds stringent industry requirements.

Total CapacityProduction RateWater Tank VolumeMix Auger Size
6M Mobile 6 Metres30-45 Metres/Hour1900 Litres9 feet

Benefits of using a Mobile Batch Plant

No rushed deliveries

Fresh on-demand concrete

No waste

No cost for overloading

Environmentally Friendly

Zero risks of emergency offloads.

  • Fresh & On-site

    The Mobile Batch Plant allows you to produce concrete that is fresh right on-site, where and when you need it. No more wasted loads. State of the art tech keeping you fully informed of what mix design is being used. Safe, reliable and robust.

  • Consistent Mixes

    Change all your mix specifications on-the-fly with the Mobile Batch Plant.

  • Versatile Specifications

    Change all your mix specifications on-the-fly with the Pre Blend Mixers.

  • Control All Aspects

    Control the cost, the quality and the supply of your shotcrete.

  • Increase Production while Reducing Costs

    Our unit can easily produce 30-45m of shotcrete/concrete per hour. You see, when you have a Mobile Batch Plant from RufDiamond you can pre-order your totes and save significantly by not requiring drills, loaders, explosives, rock crushers and other equipment and resources needed to operate the stationary batch plant. No more waiting for drum trucks to arrive and work around their schedule. You have control of production.

Static vs. Mobile Mixers

Our Mobile Batch Plant is a batching plant that is always ready to work. You can set up your mixer on-site to work only when you want it to. Mobile Batch Plant can also be mounted on a carrier for full mobility. A static mixer has its own power unit, whereas a mobile mixer will receive its power from the tracked carrier.

Why choose wet shotcrete over dry?

Wet and dry shotcrete both have their purposes. However, the advantages of wet shotcrete over dry shotcrete are hard to ignore. Here are some of the common reasons that wet is chosen over dry:

1. Higher Production Rate
Wet shotcrete is able to be produced at a much faster rate which means less manpower is needed for the same amount of work.

2. Less Rebound/Waste
When using wet concrete there is less rebound so worrying about wasted mix falling to floor is no longer a concern.

3. Less Dust
Being able to operate the shotcrete machine without the particles in the air is a major advantage to the nozzleman.

4. Concrete Specifications Changed On-Site
By providing the wet concrete, one can change the concrete specs in a way that is fast and easy.

Tracked Mobile Batch Plant vs. Drum Mixer

Knowing that concrete is a key component in the mining industry, it is important that we are using the best quality concrete we can, with the best return on investment. There are many reasons that our Mobile Batch Plant supersedes a drum mixer:

1. Cost Reduction
Far less equipment and logistics required

2. Consistency and Flexibility
Mobile Batch Plants have a precise measuring system to ensure a consistent mix. This mix can be changed on-site depending on your purpose and conditions.

3. No Waste
You never have to worry about a wasted load as the materials are kept separate Drum mixers have a time expiration. If any equipment breaks down, the concrete doesn’t go to waste with a Mobile Batch Plants. With Pre Blend Mixers there is also the advantage of producing only what you need. No more excess concrete and no more short loads. This is critical in off-road locations specific to the environment.

4. Control your Schedule
A Mobile Batch Plant means that workers aren’t waiting for the drum mixer. But rather, have full control over your schedule.


The Mobile Batch Plant is mission-capable and can be customized to any specification. Get in touch to schedule a consultation to see how we can work together to help you achieve your objectives.

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