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Meet the Fat Truck

  • Meet the Fat Truck
  • Industrial Off Road Utility Amphibious Vehicle
  • Safety First

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RufDiamond is the foremost leader in vehicles specialized and adapted for industrial off-road applications. The Fat Truck is the perfect fit, providing a world-class vehicle that exceeds safety standards and driver expectations.

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Fast. Fresh.

The Mobile Batch Plant allows you to produce concrete that is fresh right on-site, where and when you need it.

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Built for
Custom Solutions

All challenges are not created equal. Our team is built for flexibility and agility to be able to design and engineer custom solutions for a range of industry challenges.

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What our clients are saying

We were quite pleased with the level of service we received from RufDiamond regarding outfitting the vehicle with mine-site-ready safety equipment. When we brought the mining representatives out for their pre-use inspection, they remarked that they could not find a single issue with how the machine was outfitted for work on their property. They also remarked that they felt confident that all the bases had been covered as far as the training, operation and safety of the vehicle. They were quite impressed that there was a pre-operational check and a Field Level Risk Assessment specific to the vehicle, which were included in the operation manual.

—Geoff G, Project Manager, Carman Construction

Incredible Service

My company uses an amphibious tracked vehicle that we use to battle invasive plants that are extremely damaging to fish, turtles and native plant life in general. Our machine was really abused over the past few years and your team at RufDiamond not only brought my machine back to life but made it safer, more efficient and effective.

Thank you!!!


—Eric G, Owner Giles Restoration

Safe and Effective

The Fat Truck provided a unique all-season solution to access approximately 100 windmills. Not only did the Fat Truck operate in all climates and terrain but during a recent “spot audit” by our Environmental team, we scored perfectly as a result of the large window at the front of the Fat Truck. It permitted viewing the ground only inches in front of the vehicle.

Awesome, just awesome!




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