RufDiamond Ltd. vehicles and equipment are designed and built to withstand the harshest of conditions. Proudly displaying excellent performance, efficiency and ultra-reliable design.

RufDiamond LTD. is the premier source for the latest technology in accessing and performing work in remote locations.

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I’m the founder behind RufDiamond LTD., and I’m eager to unveil the distinct qualities of our product. Our vehicles are robust and can navigate terrains others can’t. But it’s more than just about performance; it’s about ensuring a safe & comfortable experience. In challenging landscapes, we recognize the obstacles you encounter. The instant you climb into a Fat Truck, a sensation of comfort and satisfaction will embrace you. With plush seating and automatic environment adjustments, we guarantee a smooth and serene working experience.

Throughout my journey, especially during my time with the military, I’ve learned the essence of thorough preparation and the necessity of dependable equipment. Above all, to me, safety is paramount. Hence, my vision for Fat Truck is crystal clear: “We safely make the way.”

Let’s champion this remarkable product together!


Daryl Adams


Clean Action

Introducing the next evolution in vehicles and equipment: RufDiamond Fat Trucks and Agilis vehicles. With a focus on power, agility, and versatility, our products set new standards in efficiency and environmental responsibility. We understand the importance of technological advancements while preserving nature, making them the ideal solutions for various industries.

At RufDiamond, we proudly uphold the CLEAN ACTION philosophy, driving us to achieve not only low energy consumption and sustainable environmental protection but also to collaborate with vehicles that offer exceptional performance and extended service life. Our dedication to a greener future has led us to embark on an exciting journey – the development of a cutting-edge Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) for the Agilis Underground.

With our innovative BEV, we are determined to lead the way towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. By combining the latest technology with unparalleled efficiency, we aim to revolutionize the underground vehicle sector while minimizing our environmental impact.

RufDiamond and Agilis vehicles – redefining performance, sustainability, and responsibility in one dynamic package. Join us on our path towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow.